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Prep School Confidential - Kara Taylor See more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

Prep School Confidential was a big surprise package for me. I wasn't expecting such a deep and twisted mystery, nor was I expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

I liked Anne, thought sometimes she seemed a touch too full of herself in the I'm-just-too-smart kind of way but it wasn't enough to put me off. Also her persistence to solve who killed Isabella had me wrapped up in the story so very little bothered me.

All the characters felt so different from each other, and I didn't know who to suspect or point the finger at. There are a fair few characters in this story, but I didn't find it hard to keep track of as they all had some part in the story and mystery and their voices were different enough to remember them.

I don't make it a hidden fact that I don't like love triangles as a writing device. Prep School Confidential did have a love triangle, and surprisingly (compared to those I have read) it is done really nicely, to the point I didn't know who I liked more.
Anthony, Isabella's twin brother grew on me pretty quickly, though I feel he is still a little mysterious.
Brent, Annie classmate, I wasn't sure of at first. I grew to like him as the story progressed.

I loved the school description. I could picture this old school and all it's "secrets" (no more details than that - no spoilers) with no problems.

Prep School Confidential had me guessing and questioning all the characters and their roles - did they do it, were they really like that - right until the end. And even that was a bit of a shock. Just when you think you figured it out, BAM, nope you didn't.

This is definitely worth checking out if you like mysteries and whodunits. A fun read with some very memorable quotes. See my blog post for an excerpt and my favourite quote.


Contaminated - Em Garner See more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

Actual rating 3.5 stars

Warning: Slight spoilers - I apologise

Contaminated started off a little slow. We meet Velvet and Opal who are sisters. Velvet only does half a day at school, the other half she works so she can look after her sister. Velvet is also out looking for her mum. After Velvet finds their mum, who they try to integrate back into society. Though they aren't accepted, and are forced to move back to their home pre-contamination days.
The story picks up pace after they find their mum. It's interesting, learning about the Connies and watching how their mum reacts. The latter half of the novel held my attention better.

We don't really get to see a lot of Opal, but I liked what we did get to know about her, and with her being young you can understand her ability to except change the way she did.
I wasn't sure about Velvet, until the school scene with the principal. Her little speech to him was awesome, and something I could totally see myself do if I were in her shoes. From that point on my opinion of her went up and I decided there and then that I liked her too.

Dillon is Jean's son, she runs the Conkennel for found Connies (Contaminated people). Dillon turns into the love interest. I really liked Dillon. I'm not sure why, he was just a nice character to read.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, the best part being the reactions and changes in Velvets mum. I'm interested to see on what is happening now though, as the book left on a slight cliffhanger - things are changing again, but now we don't know how.

I'm a little disappointed that the title and cover changed. I loved the previous cover. It was so bright and different. This new one is generic. If I would have seen this cover first I never would have given the book a second look. The first cover was so out there and in-your-face. See my blog for previous cover.
Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) - Katie McGarry For more of my reviews go to Delirious About Books

It took me awhile to get into this book. I don't believe it was the book itself, I think it was just the formatting of the copy I had. The chapters weren't separated other than a few words in capitals and I found it extremely difficult to read as the jump between POV's wasn't clear. I was originally reading it on my mobile, but then I swapped to the kindle for a bigger screen, thinking that might help - and it did. Though I still didn't get the "I can't put this down" feeling I had with Pushing The Limits until I was about 30 - 40% into it. Then I fell in love with the story.

I felt for Beth. I really liked her even though there were points where I thought "you stupid girl". I still liked her, and I could empathise with her, even in those moments, and understand why she did what she did.
I wasn't instantly drawn to Ryan, but he grew on me as the story went on. I thought he was good for Beth which is where some of my frustration came from with her. haha.
I liked Isaiah in Pushing the Limits and I liked him even more in this. He is such a great character and I'm dying to read his story in Crash Into You, but I digress.

Katie McGarry is amazing at writing characters with a troubled background. She makes the story emotional, believeable, and heartbreaking. You connect with the characters, feel for them, and want everything to be better for them. You want the story to have a positive ending, no necessarily a happy ending, just something positive to come out of it for the characters involved. I didn't think it was possible to write a better story then Pushing The Limits, but Dare You To is just was wonderful, if not a little better.

Dare You To could be read as a stand alone. Pushing The Limits will give you a wider view into some of the characters as well as the connections, but it isn't totally necessary.
Pivot Point - Kasie West That ending sucks. .... Not as in bad, more sad and not the ending I wanted. I have to admit that by the half way mark I had figured out most if the story line and ending but there were still a few surprises....

Full review to come.

Not a Drop to Drink

Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis 28/6 I loved this. It's not a 'perfect' novel, but the story, and characters made this a definite favourite for the year. Full review to come.

18/5 Yay! Thank you Harper Collins! I got approved to read this. So excited!!

Dead Living - Glenn Bullion See more of my reviews sooner at Delirious About Books

I didn't know what to expect with this book. I have only read one other zombie book and loved it, and that was for a blog tour too. So I jumped at the chance to read and review another blog tour zombie book, and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed.

This started a little slow and predictable. The first chapter had a few hick ups (Sidney instead of Sydney, a few detail errors; ie, a zombie stuck in the truck who couldn't get out and was there for most of the chapter until the last paragraph where he somehow managed to get out) but nothing serious. There was a jump in time (14 years of it) which threw me a little because I thought the initial characters were going to be the story but they were more background details. After that the perspective changes and from there onwards it only grows in both story and pace.

I didn't grow attached to Samantha but I did like that she grew as a character within the story. Aaron was by far the best character. I loved his interaction and calm demeanor. They were the main lead characters though there were some other 'shady' characters that you weren't really meant to like anyway and the rest of the characters were more of a 'supporting cast'. This is a zombie book that is fairly focused on the romance more than the zombies. There isn't much detail to how the outbreak started but more of the life after it has happened and evolution.

There are some twists to keep the story interesting, and some blood and gore but not a whole lot. It's a quick read and would be a good place to start if you haven't read a zombie book before.
Shutdown  - Heather Anastasiu For more of my reviews go to Delirious About Books

I want to keep this spoiler free for the whole series, but it might be hard, and I apologise up front if I give away any small details. I promise to keep the big things to myself though. =)

This series got better with every book. I enjoyed Glitched, but loved Override more. Now I love Shutdown more again.

We were left heartbroken in Override, and to be honest, until about the 90% mark the heartbreak doesn't ease up. At the 60% - 70% mark I was like this:

(Sorry I don't know how to add an image!)

I'm not joking. I was so torn up by everything that had happened, and what was happening that if I wasn't reading in bed, I would have been on the floor like that!

I love the characters in this story, including the ones I didn't like - I loved that they were that way. People are like that and it was nice to see realistic characters. The backstabbing, the lying, the honest, and even the ones that change.

While the trilogy ends positive, its not the overly happy ending you think. There are shocks, and one of the twists I kind of guessed but wasn't sure how it would happen until it did.

This is definitely one of my favourite series. It's action packed, emotional, and quick to read. I'm sad this trilogy is now over, but it one I definitely want to read again.
Chantress  - Amy Butler Greenfield 3.5 stars

See more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

This is difficult for me to review as I fell sick not long after I started reading it and was so sick I couldn't even read. This also made me fall behind in Uni, so I'm not sure if the added stress to do assessments and catch up took away some of my enjoyment, or I just didn't get swept away with the first half of the story. I felt the first half was slow moving, but that might just have been me and the time (due to commitments) it took me to read that half.
What I can say is that Chantress stuck with me a few days after reading it, and I certainly enjoyed the latter half of the book much more.

Lucy was a lovely, likeable character who grew both with the story and with her power. I enjoyed learning "magic" with her, and magic through music was wonderful.
I actually liked Nat, a secondary character, and more later, the best. I liked his stand-offishness, and like how he developed through the story and warmed more as the story went on.

The middle where Lucy learns her powers is a little dull. While it is good to see her grow into her powers, it is slow moving and goes on for a bit. It was from here (towards the end of this 'section') that the story picked up. Things started to happen, and it was fast moving as the events unfolded. It did end a bit to easily and conveniently, but I was enjoying the story by this point so it didn't detract from it.

One pet peeve, and I only bring this up because I seem to be reading it in all the books lately - "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding". *Sigh* Is this a trend now or what?

Overall, this is a great start to the trilogy and the mixed pacing, in the end, didn't stop me from liking the story.
Spirit  - Brigid Kemmerer See more of my reviews Delirious About Books

Storm was Chris and Becca's story, Spark was Gabriel and Layne's, and Spirit is Hunter and Kate's story.
Throughout the books I grew to like Hunter more and more. After finishing Spark and was excited to get started on this one and once again, Brigid didn't fail to impress. I've said it before, and I know I'm going to say it again, but this is definitely my favourite series. This is another action packed, emotional joy ride.

Hunter is so complex, he's very defensive, trusts no one, and no one trusts him.

"You're not staying under this roof until you tell us what you're going to change.""Fine. I'll sleep in the car."His grandfather let him go with enough of a shove to make Hunter fall back a step. "Good," he said. "You're already packed."Whoa. Wait."What are you talking about?"His grandfather pointed. "Come back with a new attitude."Hunter looked. Two duffel bags - his duffel bags - were by the baker's rack, stuffed full of what looked like clothes.
His story was heartbreaking. I really felt for him, and on a side note, I love Casper his dog too - I'm a sucker for German Shepherds. May I add, Brigid you had me hold my breathe and fear for Casper at one point. I'm not going to spoil it for any one, but this book had my emotions in turmoil!

I really came to love Hunter by the end. Michael was a big surprise in this one too. The way he took Hunter like a younger brother was awesome.
I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of Kate, but even she had me crying at one point (I'm a sook, I admit). I loved the text message banter between her and Hunter, and the way they made each other better.

"Run!" she yelled. "Hunter run!"
Then Silver must have done something because Kate cried out, and the sound fractured into sobs.

The Merricks boys didn't disappoint in this book (not that they have in any of the books, but you know what I mean!). The humour between Gabriel and Hunter we saw in Spark is here too.

"Hell, yes! Nicky never wants to do that stuff."
Hunter was touched. "I'm getting all misty."
"F*** you." Then Gabriel's expression changed. "You look really different without all the piercings."

I'm sad I've finished this book because now I have to wait for the next one, Secret. I can't wait to see how things plan out for the Merricks and Hunter.
Elemental (Elemental, #0.5) - Brigid Kemmerer I don't normally read novellas, but I love this series and couldn't help myself. I loved this look into Michaels story. I didn't want it to end. Great little story to set the scene for the rest of the series.
The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey Initial thoughts: I need to think about the rating for this one. I liked it, but hated it at the same time. It started off fantastically, but the middle just frustrated me. The last part, when reality and logic finally hit them was better, but I hate the ending. *sigh* Full review to come, once I've thought this out.
See more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

Warning: This review is loaded with rant, and sarcasm, read at your own risk ;)

First of all, let me say Oh My Goodness! The HYPE behind this book is phenomenal. Some trusted bloggers I follow are gushing about this book. I was so excited by their raving, but I was also concerned it wouldn't live up to the hype for me (wouldn't be the first time *cough* Crewel *cough*). I didn't let that stop me requesting it from Netgalley (and I later got a copy at the Penguin Teen Event about a month back).
I loved the start of this book. I didn't want to put it down. It wasn't the best thing I've read but it drew me into the story enough to keep me turning the pages.
Well, until I got to the end of part one, page 101 to be exact. That's where the story lost me. I started hating it, even screaming at it, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Multiple POV's. I'm not a fan of multiple POV's as it is. Not introducing them or giving some form of a "heads up" that the POV is changing and who to - REALLY frustrating. One minute your reading Cassie, for 101 pages and multiple chapters, then you finish part one and the first line of the next part is "Call me Zombie". Why would you call Cassie, Zombie? Keep reading, oh you are someone new, and somewhere new. Super. Part two finishes, and GUESS WHAT!
"It should have been easy. All he had to do was wait."
Again, nothing to do with "Zombies" story nor Cassie's. Oh, you're someone new too, and, you're where?
and so the parts of the book go. It's like "guess who" (you all know that game yeah?).
To top it off, no where and when I requested it at the time, no one, made mention of the multiple POV's. I was so constantly confused and it was frustrating.

There is also a POV of a 5 year old. Yep, that's right. A 5 year old. It was so pointless. I'm sure most of you have had a conversation with a 5 year old at one point or another. Can you imagine how much fun that POV is to read! JennyJen's review ( see here) summed it up perfectly -
"I see this. I see that. There's that thing and then I see another thing. Now I see a person." Insert another FML here for good measure.
Here's an example, just so you know I'm not joking:
"Yep. And manned watchtowers and twenty-four seven video surveillance and twenty foot fencing topped with razor wire and big mean guard dogs that can smell a non human five miles away."Sammys nose crinkles. "That doesn't sound like heaven! That sounds like prison!" p.188
"My little brother was around your age," Megan says to Sammy. It sounds like an accusation: How come you're alive and he isn't?" p. 191
Yeah, all 5 year olds think and speak like this. Especially when they are scared and have no family around them. I sure as heck know my son doesn't (he's 4 and a half btw).

The sad part is that for an alien book (not mentioning the clichés) we learn basically nothing about the aliens themselves. Ok, there is a little bit in there but I wont spoil it for you, it would ruin what little there is to spoil. The whole alien invasion thing is just so disappointing (I also wont mention the fact that if they were to attack, we'd be squished before we know it, I'll pretend I buy into the 5 wave eliberate plan).

That brings me to the romance. Don't get excited - it's pathetic. Firstly Cassie meets him after he tried to kill her. She feels like she shouldn't trust him, but those eyes/lope sided grin/dimples (take your pick, they are all there) makes her forget her fighting attitude and her suspicions. Argh!
Then he's all madly in love with her, but he's meant to have lost the love of his life so what the?! Not to mention Cassie is "in love" with a high school crush but oh he's probably dead, lets no worry about him, I'll just keep looking into this strangers warm chocolate eyes and crooked smile, oh but he's creepy and something isn't right, but those eyes, oooo. BLAH.

Basically from pages 105 until around 358, I was wanting to throw it across the room. My poor husband kept giving me sad "oh you poor pathetic thing" looks (that's totally a look, I swear!) because I kept screaming at it.
By the time the characters started getting a clue and worked out what was happening, I had already worked it out about 200 pages beforehand.
If aliens invaded and the population behaved like this, I'd be worried for humanity for a completely different reason then the invasion. In fact, I think the population would deserve to be nullifed if they acted like this! It was completely frustrating reading how dumb they were. No one questioned anything, it was ridiculous. We are not sheep that follow their shepherd- real people would question things, not just follow blindly.

I know this sounds like I didn't like it, but I kind of did. It was mainly the simpleness of the characters in the middle and the silliness of them all that I didn't like. Cassie was great at the start of the book, right up until part 2. Ringer was kick ass and I actually kind of loved her ballsiness.

I found this to be good, but not great. The only reason I've given 3 stars and not 2 is that despite its size I read it fast and I wanted to know what would happen (and if they'd get an idea!), which means I found it interesting (mainly the beginning and end).
I believe there is another book coming out. I'd read it, but only to get better closure then the current ending we have. As my favourite character was actually the alien - yes there is a small POV on his side - I want to know where he ends up in all of this.

Do I think you should read it? Sure, why not. With this much hype, I'm pretty sure I'm in the small percentage of people that thought it was only ok.

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa See more of my reviews sooner at Delirious About Books

Once again Julie Kagawa delivers another amazing, action packed, fast paced book.
As in my previous review of The Immortal Rules, Kagawa again writes awesome characters with their own personalities.
I love Allie, and even more so that she is still trying hard not to be like the other vampires, to not be a monster....... But..... oh, please don't change!!

We see a return of Zeke (yay!), and Kanin (woohoo!) and even Jackal (yeah I know). Jackal was actually a really enjoyable character to read, including the time I thought "You bastard", to "oh, ok". I didn't expected to like him as much due to the last book but I just loved his sarcastic comments and humour.

I'm starting to think that Kagawa can't write a bad book. The world building in this was fantastic, it can recall it as if I was watching a movie - oooo, this would totally be a fantastic movie! - and her writing is completely enjoyable to read. You just get carried away.

But that ending...... all those feels..... and how long is it that we have to wait for the next one.......

Seriously if you haven't started this series, if you don't own the books. Run. Run to your nearest book store and buy them. If you own the first one and haven't read it, read it now, stop what you are doing and read it now.... Seriously. Then you can all love this series with me. =D

eARC provided via Netgalley for review
Spark - Brigid Kemmerer See more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

No words can describe how much I love this series. Brigid is such a talented writer and every book just draws you in. Spark was no different.

Storm, the first book in the series, is where we meet the Merrick brothers. Storm was Chris's story. Spark takes off right where Storm finished. The events in Storm has left everyone on edge, and something big is about to happen.

If it is even possible, I loved Spark even more than Storm (and I'm loving Spirit even more again, but you'll hear about that tomorrow). I enjoyed Gabriel's character in Storm, and loved learning about him more in Spark. Gabriels element is fire, he can control it, call it, talk to it, and sometimes he can't.
Gabriel is obnoxious and hot tempered, but in Spark we learn the reasons behind it, and start to understand him more.

We are introduced to a new character, Layne, who is quiet and hides her own secrets. She isn't someone Gabriel would normally notice, but he starts to when he needs to borrow a pencil in class. The developing romance between them flows. It's not forced, it doesn't feel wrong, it just fits. You feel like they belong together, a bit like yin and yang.

Layne wanted to be brave. She wanted to be optimistic. But she started crying anyway.
Nicks' hand went over hers. "Gabriel will find us. He'll get us out."
"How?" she choked. "How do you know?"
"Because he always does."

Absolutely loved Hunter in this book, and the bromance between him and Gabriel was awesome. It was great to see them come together and work together. Especially when Gabriel and Nick seemed to be falling apart.

Hunter sighed and gave him a look. “Come on, baby, don't be like that. Did you pack your midol?”
“All right, all right.” Gabriel climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind him. “I don't even know why I like you.”
Another action packed, and exciting addition to the Elemental series, that seems to be getting better and better as we go along.
The Uninvited - Liz Jensen I wanted to like this book so much. I was excited to read it. The title, the cover and the premise seem so creepy and I loved that. But I have been trying to read it for the past 4 months and I just can't. The first few pages were creepy and I thought the rest of the book would be like that, but then the story somehow changed and I just didn't care anymore. It wasn't interesting and I found I dreaded the thought of trying to read any more of it. So, I give up.
Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne O_o

Review to come.....
The Archived - Victoria Schwab Update... After a think/sleep I've chosen to give this 4 stars. I'll explain in my review later.

I'm not sure on the rating yet. I enjoyed the sneak peek (100pages) I read last year. I then purchased this when it released and it took me a while to get through it. Not the books fault, simply me and other commitments. Due to this I'm not sure if it was the other commitments that made me not feel like reading this, or if I was losing interest in the story itself. This is what makes it so hard to rate. I loved the beginning, and I loved the last 25% of the book (as in I wanted to pick it up and read it and stuff everything else) but I'm not sure how I feel about the middle. I need time to think and recall.

Review to come.....