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I want to keep this spoiler free for the whole series, but it might be hard, and I apologise up front if I give away any small details. I promise to keep the big things to myself though. =)

This series got better with every book. I enjoyed Glitched, but loved Override more. Now I love Shutdown more again.

We were left heartbroken in Override, and to be honest, until about the 90% mark the heartbreak doesn't ease up. At the 60% - 70% mark I was like this:

(Sorry I don't know how to add an image!)

I'm not joking. I was so torn up by everything that had happened, and what was happening that if I wasn't reading in bed, I would have been on the floor like that!

I love the characters in this story, including the ones I didn't like - I loved that they were that way. People are like that and it was nice to see realistic characters. The backstabbing, the lying, the honest, and even the ones that change.

While the trilogy ends positive, its not the overly happy ending you think. There are shocks, and one of the twists I kind of guessed but wasn't sure how it would happen until it did.

This is definitely one of my favourite series. It's action packed, emotional, and quick to read. I'm sad this trilogy is now over, but it one I definitely want to read again.