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Chantress  - Amy Butler Greenfield 3.5 stars

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This is difficult for me to review as I fell sick not long after I started reading it and was so sick I couldn't even read. This also made me fall behind in Uni, so I'm not sure if the added stress to do assessments and catch up took away some of my enjoyment, or I just didn't get swept away with the first half of the story. I felt the first half was slow moving, but that might just have been me and the time (due to commitments) it took me to read that half.
What I can say is that Chantress stuck with me a few days after reading it, and I certainly enjoyed the latter half of the book much more.

Lucy was a lovely, likeable character who grew both with the story and with her power. I enjoyed learning "magic" with her, and magic through music was wonderful.
I actually liked Nat, a secondary character, and more later, the best. I liked his stand-offishness, and like how he developed through the story and warmed more as the story went on.

The middle where Lucy learns her powers is a little dull. While it is good to see her grow into her powers, it is slow moving and goes on for a bit. It was from here (towards the end of this 'section') that the story picked up. Things started to happen, and it was fast moving as the events unfolded. It did end a bit to easily and conveniently, but I was enjoying the story by this point so it didn't detract from it.

One pet peeve, and I only bring this up because I seem to be reading it in all the books lately - "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding". *Sigh* Is this a trend now or what?

Overall, this is a great start to the trilogy and the mixed pacing, in the end, didn't stop me from liking the story.