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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa See more of my reviews sooner at Delirious About Books

Once again Julie Kagawa delivers another amazing, action packed, fast paced book.
As in my previous review of The Immortal Rules, Kagawa again writes awesome characters with their own personalities.
I love Allie, and even more so that she is still trying hard not to be like the other vampires, to not be a monster....... But..... oh, please don't change!!

We see a return of Zeke (yay!), and Kanin (woohoo!) and even Jackal (yeah I know). Jackal was actually a really enjoyable character to read, including the time I thought "You bastard", to "oh, ok". I didn't expected to like him as much due to the last book but I just loved his sarcastic comments and humour.

I'm starting to think that Kagawa can't write a bad book. The world building in this was fantastic, it can recall it as if I was watching a movie - oooo, this would totally be a fantastic movie! - and her writing is completely enjoyable to read. You just get carried away.

But that ending...... all those feels..... and how long is it that we have to wait for the next one.......

Seriously if you haven't started this series, if you don't own the books. Run. Run to your nearest book store and buy them. If you own the first one and haven't read it, read it now, stop what you are doing and read it now.... Seriously. Then you can all love this series with me. =D

eARC provided via Netgalley for review