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Firstly I'd like to say that its a rare book that completely absorbs me to the point of losing track of time and having an inability to put it down.
This was one of those books.
I have read many books that I loved and was absorbed in, but when reading into the night I was always able to put them down and go to sleep when the hour was getting too late.
I could not put this down. When I started reading last night I still had over 55% to read. I finished reading it at 1:30am.

This is a well written, interesting and brilliant story. The characters are unique with realistic personalities and behaviours, similar to real teenagers.

Becca has guts. She's not a push over despite her dark secret which does make her reserved in her relationships with Chris and Hunter.

I enjoyed all the characters, who had their own personality quirks, and you could feel the connections between them throughout the book.

There were fights and/or storms in pretty much all chapters - the brothers fought with everyone. I don't think it was over done though as it didn't feel forced. The story just flowed.

While it was a little predictable the story was excellent - a wonderful idea and fantastically created.