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Grace Unexpected - Gale Martin More of my reviews are on Delirious About Books

This was a case of "it's me, not you." I didn't realise this was a romance type chick-lit book. If I had I probably wouldn't have read it. Romance has a tendency of boring me. Love triangles just bore me twice as much.

The first chapters were good and funny and typical of the chick-lit that I normally read, but I got to the half way mark and had to set it aside. Then it took me forever to pick it back up again. Why? Because I didn't care if she picked Addison or True. I wasn't interested in the romance which was the main plot. The little mystery part of the plot had me read those chapters quickly even though I knew who the "villlian" was, I still wanted to confirm it and see how it ended up, but the rest of the story just didn't interest me.

The characters were so-so. Goody was great in the beginning when his character first appeared, but as the story progressed he seemed to forced and over done.

The pacing was ok, just a bit uneven. It started ok, then there was just a lot of chatter and thoughts which slowed it down, then it picked up with the mystery, then it slowed down again. There were a lot of points were nothing was really happening because Grace was just talking or thinking about Addison this, and True that.

I didn't hate this, but it just wasn't my type of book. I did however still find it enjoyable. So, Yes, it is just me - not the book.
If you like light reads and chick-lit romance stories, give this a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.