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Handle with Care - Jodi Picoult I found the plot so similar to My Sisters Keeper. I don't mind the way that Jodi Picoult writes as its generally easy reading. However, this book had so many things that frustrated me.

I found the switching of characters in this book annoying, more so the fact that they were telling their side of the story to Willow, rather then just telling their side of the story. I also found the side issue of Charlotte's lawyer, Marin, unnecessary.

I don't understand the point of the recipes that are thrown in the book (Just because Charlotte used to be a pastry chef?) so I just skipped over them.

Amelia's issues which were built up through out the story were brushed off with a "we'll send you to a facility" and then she came home all well and lovely at the end.

It was very strange that they were in need of money - second mortgage on the house, Willow had basically out grown her wheelchair, etc - yet they don't cash the cheque AND they are all of a sudden able to spend money, without cashing the cheque...... Really?
And Charlotte ruins and upsets peoples lives for, what, 2yrs?, destroys her best friends career, to win a lawsuit - AND THEN BURIES the cheque with Willow!

The ending I really hated, and found it so unnecessary. I mean, why? Why was that even necessary? Why couldn't it just end with everything looking better for a family that was falling apart? There was just no point to it.

This book was just a whole lot of meh.