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Exile  - Rebecca Lim Review also on Delirious About Books

Exile takes off from Mercy #1 with Mercy now being in Lela's body. Compared to Mercy #1 this book is more confined with a depressing setting. Mercy #1 had much more interaction with other characters and the story was not only about Mercy, but also her host Carmen. Exile shows Mercy's selfish side. She wants to contact Ryan and that's it.
"This time it's about me. It's my time now, and if I have to climb over the bodies of lovelorn IT guys to get the answers I'm seeking, then so be it."
It was unfortunate, especially considering the circumstances she was in - or more correctly, that Lela was in. However, I can also understand why. I'd want to know what was happening too!

Now I said that Exile's setting was depressing, and it was - Exile is set mainly in either Lela's home with her dying mother, or at Lela's work, The Green Lantern, in a cafe with the same repeat sad, unhappy characters. The advantage of that, and Rebecca Lim's writing ability, was that I felt the characters unhappiness and wanted something more positive for them, just like they wanted something better themselves. I wanted something good to happen. And while something good came out of it, so did some bad things.

I still like Mercy, despite her selfishness in this book, and think she is a strong, though slightly lost and confused, protagonist. I was able understand more about Mercy's past and character and believe that Exile is for this purpose more then a story like Mercy #1.
I was able to dislike Luc a lot more in this book too. I had a bad feeling about him in Mercy #1, and Exile has started to confirm that for me.

Ranald was a good new character. He gave me the creeps. I knew something was up with him but I didn't see what was coming. However, I was silently screaming at Mercy for trusting him to set up her profile. I just knew it was a bad idea.

Over all, this book is an easy read which kept my attention and I was emotional in parts but I think that's just me as what Lela's mum was going through made me think of what my Dad must of felt like. For this reason I think I felt for Lela and the fact that she was "taken over" by Mercy which of course then limits her time with her mum.
The end was a sad, even though when Azraeil and Mercy had an encounter, I knew what it meant. It was still sad and in a way not fair.