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Skylark - Meagan Spooner Full review can be found on Delirious About Books

I really loved Skylark. At the start everything is a little confusing, you end up with loads of questions. It can be a bit hard to get into but if you keep going it gets clearer. It's not prefect, but I think the world is still fascinating. There's magic, zombie-like creatures, pixies, magic bubbles that can be good or bad, and twisting and surprises every which way. Although you can guess some of the twists, there were a few I didn't, or wasn't sure on.

Its fast paced, though it does drag a little in the middle between the harvesting and where Lark is going. Once you get through that it picks up and gets intriguing.

Overall this book well written, different (generally different, some parts such as the dome are similar to other stories to a certain degree) and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next instalment. I'm sure that Meagan Spooner can only get better with the next book. =)