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Crewel (Crewel World, #1) - Gennifer Albin Full review can be found on Delirious About Books

I had seen so many people rave about this before I requested an eARC from Netgalley so I highly expected an awesome read. ... I was left a bit disappointed.

This is written fantastically and the world building is compelling and creative. However, there were too many elements that were unanswered or unexplained and the characters were too weak and underdeveloped for my liking.

Maybe because I have read so many dystopians recently that the whole 'government in control of what you can and can't do' thing is wearing thin with me? Crewel is no different, it's all the same old, same old.

The ending had me a little confused. I didn't find it very easy to 'picture', but Crewel definitely has my interest and I will be reading the sequel, even if it's just to see if things are explained further.

If you haven't read many dystopians then you will most likely love this and should read it. Gennifer Albins' writing is delightful to read and she has created an intriguing world indeed.