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Legend - Marie Lu Full review on Delirious About Books

Ah, another dystopian. This one is set in futuristic Los Angeles in a typical dystopian set up - Evil government, children/teens fighting to survive. But you know what? This was one of the better YA dystopians out there, and I loved it.

This is a compelling tale of June and Day trying to uncover the truths of their world. It's told in the POV's of both June and Day.
June is a prodigy at the military academy living a rich life. She was conceited which is why she annoyed me so much in the beginning.
Unlike Day, who is street smart and goes around sabotaging the governments military actions. Day is brave and compassionate - caring for his sick brother and risking himself do to so.

Once again, let me say, I loved this. I'm now annoyed that I read it without the sequel being released yet, because now I have to wait..... and I really want to know what happens!