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Speechless - Hannah Harrington Full review can be found on Delirious About Books

When I started this book I felt like I was reading the story of Mean Girls. For those that have seen the movie, Chelsea was like Gretchen Wieners. Or maybe more like Cady Heron, because she just wanted to be apart of the popular girls, led by Kristen. She couldn't keep her mouth shut which means she ends up as a social outcast.

If Chelsea was like Cady/Gretchen then Kristen is Regina George. Kristen is the Queen Bee, though she doesn't have friends, she has minions.

The difference between Mean Girls and Speechless is that Hannah Harrington is a talented writer who created realistic characters with realistic flaws that not only resembles life better but also has a lot of depth and many lessons to learn.

The only problem I did have was that Chelsea didn't pay much attention to Noah, or what happened to him. In that I feel that the issue of bullying wasn't told from the right perspective, and therefore trivialized more than it could have been.

That being said, Speechless addresses some serious issues from sexuality to being bully to being yourself and feeling accepted. It is well written, well paced, and definitely still worth reading.