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Little Red Riding Wolf - Jessica Aspen More of my reviews can be found on Delirious About Books

Little Red Riding Wolf is a retelling of Little Red Riding-hood (obviously ;)) with Red and Grandma being werewolves. The combination was actually quite entertaining, and Red is a likeable character. The story made sense, it was quick paced, but it was kind of insta-love-ish. The plot was interesting and was centred around Red and Evan.
I did have a couple issues, but nothing major. I don't know if it is common to use such crude language, but I somehow found it out of place as the general language was clean and normal (it wasn't the language itself I had a problem with, it was that it was so random compared to the rest of the story).
The other thing was that the story left you wanting more. More character development, and more background to the story.
Otherwise I enjoyed it. This book is a quick read and great for when you want a fun, more sexy read.