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Level 2 - Lenore Appelhans Find more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

I was so excited for this book. It sounded so different to everything else that has been coming out that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Now that I've read it, well, I was hoping for so much more. This is a hard book to review without giving anything away, though I have tried my best not to include any spoilers.

The story is told by Felicia and is set in Level 2 - the Level between Earth (Level 1) and Heaven (Level 3). We learn about Felicia through her replaying her memories. We learn about her romance with Neil and what happened between her best friend and her. Unfortunately I never connected with Felicia. I didn't (really didn't) like her relationship with her best friend, Autumn and Autumns boyfriend Julian. I don't wish to spoil the story so I wont say any more.
Julian was an interesting character as you never really knew if you could trust him or not. Besides Felicia he took up a lot of the story both in her memories and in Level 2.
Neil was Felicia's love on Earth and we gain the story of them through Felicia's memories. The relationship between them was ok but I wasn't drawn to them. He was nice enough, but at the same time there really wasn't much there to make him appealing.

The afterlife world was interesting. The hives and the ability to connect and relive memories - yours or renting out someone else's was intriguing. The descriptions were good and allowed you to image Felicia's surrounds well.

First half of the story was a little slow paced. The story was interesting but not enough to hold my attention. I was quiet happy to put the book down, and wasn't really faze about picking it up again. There wasn't anything that made me not want to put it down. The second half was quicker paced but still not a whole lot of action happening.
The last 10% had more action but at the same time felt rushed compared to the rest of the book. One minute something was happening, the next second it happened and its all over. The end. Come again next time. I was left going - what...... I'm sorry...... who..... why.... ARGH.

I did enjoy Level 2. It is well written, easy to follow, interesting, and the afterlife world was different to what is out and coming out. I'm hoping there is a better explanation to that ending in Level 3 though, as well as to learn more about Autumn and why she did what she did. Overall its worth checking out if the premise interests you.

An advanced copy was provided by the publisher for this review.