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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer This review and more of my reviews can be found on Delirious About Books

I finished Scarlet by Marissa Meyer today. I have been wanting to read it ever since I read Cinder mid last year. The Lunar Chronicles is easily my new favourite series and Marissa Meyer, well I think I'll forever read anything that she wishes to write.

I adored the characters. Cinder is still the same strong, loveable character she was in the first book. New editions of Scarlet and Wolf - I loved them both. Scarlet is strong, determined, and stubborn, and Wolf who isn't meant to be sweet and caring, is. Iko is back, though very different with the same charming character I loved in Cinder. Another addition is Thorne, and I'm sure I read someone else mention that he is like Sawyer from Lost (I have no idea where I read that, if I come across it again I'll link their review. Sorry!) and that is just as I pictured him too.

Where some second books in a series serve to be "fillers" to tie the first and third books together, Scarlet most definitely wasn't. Scarlet carries the story on from Cinder and develops it further. With plenty of things happening throughout the story to keep you interested.

Marissa Meyers writing is natural and fluent. She has easily made my favourite authors list.
If you haven't read Cinder yet, I highly recommend you do. Then read Scarlet.

No review I do on this book, or series will ever do it justice. I simply can not find the right words or feelings to describe these books to you. Just read them.

Thank you to Penguin Australia for providing a copy for review