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Talisman Of El - Alecia Stone Find more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

Talisman of El is an wonderful story with a an interesting take on angels and mythology.
A story of Charlie, an orphan, who finds a home with Jacob, but Jacob is not who he pretends to be. Life takes in interesting turn when Charlie crosses paths with some he had dreamt about.

I enjoyed the dynamic between Charlie and his friend Alex (girl), though I felt they were a touch too mature for 14 year olds. I liked the majority of characters though there were several that were fleetingly introduced, but for what reason I wasn't sure.

The world building was sketchy at times. There were times when I thought where are you, how did you get there...... whoa how did you get back. I also found the pacing uneven, which didn't help in keeping my interest. There were a few times I thought this would be a DNF for me. However, the story was interesting enough that I wanted to know what would happen.

The second half of the book is based in 'another world' Arcadia. This was a fascinating world but I wish there would have been more detail about the world and its existence. The angels and mythology was captivating. There were a lot of characters introduced in this section which made it hard to keep up with who is who, but most were reoccurring and you got to learn a little about them. There were parts that felt a little rushed, mainly with the action parts.

I know my review sounds a little negative, but I did enjoy this. I have just found it difficult to put this book into words without giving any details away about the story and most of the problems I have brought up don't detract from the story.

Overall the Talisman of El is a enjoyable and entertaining story that I'm sure a lot of fantasy fans with love.