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Override  - Heather Anastasiu Find more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

In Override we find that Zoe has escaped and working with the Rez. Override is an action packed sequel to Glitch.

I actually enjoyed Override more then Glitch. I can only put that down to the character development and the amount of action in this novel. From the close call escapes to the thrilling rescue, down to the sad realisation and loss. It all made for an amazing read.

Zoe grows in this novel both within herself and her power. The other glitchers that are with the Rez go through that same development. With all characters having there own issues, from who they are, to who they have to work with, to them evolving through the novel to the point that they can work together in the most difficult circumstances.

Both Max and Adrien play important roles in the story, with twists I never saw coming and shocking realisations. I can only hope something positive comes from it all.

I can not wait to see what Shutdown, the third (and I believe final?), book in the series is going to bring. If Override is any indication, it's going to be epic.