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There Comes a Prophet - David Litwack I'm not going to rate this, mainly because I can't. Maybe I'll change it later, but right now - no rating.

This simply wasn't for me. I found the story boring, and repetitive - I got tired of reading similar things over and over again. I read a review on here that stated the book didn't capture her attention within the first 50 pages but after that it quickly picked up. So I kept reading it, up to and beyond that point hoping for the captivating story to grab my attention. Well it didn't happen.
I've been skipping paragraphs, and skimming most of the last 30 pages and I can't stick with it. I have too many good books to read to waste my time on something that isn't for me.

I feel like the black sheep here as every review thus far is 3 stars or more, so I'm sure it's going to be loved by many more. But not me.