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The Harvesting - Melanie Karsak Full review can be found on Delirious About Books

The Harvesting is the first zombie novel I have read and I loved it. It's fast paced, intriguing, well written, and action packed. The Harvesting is a horror about zombies but with some vampires, and spirits in the mix as well.

The story is mainly focused on Layla who is the main character. Layla is likeable and a kick-ass heroine. I also loved her Grandma. All the characters have their own personality and you grow to love some, and dislike others. That said the author has no problem killing off someone if needed, so watch out!

If you are spooked when reading horrors, this is definitely not the book to read at night, but because it's so good you should still read it, just at day time.


If you enjoy horror/zombie stories this is definitely one to add to your TBR list!