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If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch See more of my reviews sooner at Delirious About Books

This is hard for me to review. I was so engrossed in reading it that I didn't make any notes!

Emily Murdoch's debut is an emotional story of child neglect, told from the view of Carey, who with her sister Jenessa, were hiding in the woods for ten years with their mentally ill, drug using mother.

I found the characters so real and touching, like reading a true story. I felt for Carey and Jenessa and could understand their bond and why they were concerned about going back into society. No matter how awful their life was in the woods, it was all they knew. It was home. I really felt for them and wanted them to be able to adapt and grow into their new life.
Not too mention I adored Jenessa. ❤

There were a few elements that felt too convenient, such as Carey and Ryan's relationship, Delany's hatred of Carey switching in next to no time, and the ending. That said they weren't enough to detract from my enjoyment.

The one thing that did frustrate me and take away some enjoyment were the flashbacks. Ok, not the actual flashbacks, just the execution of them. There was no indication of a flashback happening. One mintue Carey would be thinking about something the next second it was a flashback. I understand that the thought or what was being said was triggering the flashback, but because it blended together, I was more often then not going....


Hopefully the published versions will have a new paragraph or different font for them or something.

Overall, this was a fantastic and emotional debut novel from Emily Murdoch. If you like contemporary mystery type books then add this one to your list.