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Reboot  - Amy Tintera Find more of my reviews at Delirious About Books

This was/is one of my highly anticipated releases for this year. While I held high hopes of its awesomeness, I was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I shouldn't have worried, I loved it.

Reboots are humans that have died and reanimated due to the virus. The long they are dead the less human like their emotions are.
Wren 178 is the main character, and the perspective the story is told, who was deceased for 178 minutes before she reanimated. She is tough, ruthless, and emotionless. She trains new reboots and picks those that have been decreased the longest.
Callum 22, is a new reboot. He is also the love interest in the story, and the most human like. He has only been deceased for 22 minutes before reanimating.
I enjoyed both these characters and especially the banter between them. The romance between them is the driving force for the plot and I can understand how Wren changes and why she is drawn to him. If all you know is to follow orders and then someone wants to know why and you can't explain, you start questioning the orders yourself. It was though this that I could see Wren change.

There were a few holes in the world building, but I'm not left with a lot of questions (that could also have to do with me reading this a little while ago and only writing the review now but nothing comes to mind and I made no notes complaining about it so..). It is your typical dystopian world - controlling government, virus killing the population, etc, etc but there are enough elements in this to make it original and enjoyable.

This is a well written, great paced and entertaining novel. It is not lacking in action, but those that are a little sensitive be warned there is violence, guns and killing.

If you like dystopian, action packed novels like Legend by Marie Lu, Glitch by Heather Anastasiu and/or Divergent by Veronica Roth, you'll enjoy this one.