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All That I Am - Anna Funder I'm not going to give this a rating as that would be unfair based on how much of it I read.
However, it would be a 1 star rating for what I have read.

This book was totally not for me. I picked it for a reading challenge and because it was based in Germany.

Let me say, Ms Funder writes very nice. That isn't that problem with the book for me.

I had two main problems:

One: The changing from character to character and present to past per character was annoying for me. It was bad enough keeping track of who was talking let alone what period it was in.

Second: As I am from German and Prussian heritage, with parents that were in World War II, grandparents in World War I, who lived and grew up in the areas (such as Charlottenburg), I found the inaccuracies within the first 7% of the book driving me insane. As such, I have abandoned reading it. It not enjoyable to read a book when all you are doing is dreading more inaccurate details as you read.